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The only thing I need to change is this thing right here in the back. Ronny works at Canva as the Head of Communities and has been creating courses about Canva for over 2 years now. And I like That is why? I'm going to use a blank page, and after this we will see here all these templates that are also going to be very helpful later on. This is the first animation. Yes, this one. All right, So the first question we want to address is why should we add movement to our social media post? So the most important, uh, copy in this design, it's going to be this one, that one, that kids, people, attention and I'm going to actually know that we have everything ready. So let's go to the next slide, and we will see. A leader in the field of online image editing, Canva is an incredible tool that offers both basic and advanced features to create or enhance beautiful graphics. I will love to show my potential clients the latest design or the latest on the page that I created. Okay, I'm gonna zoom in because this is becoming a precision work. Okay, so now we have all our designs here. There's just one thing I don't like Is this corner sticking out. Because if you have more than one image, especially if they are moving, our people will spend more time checking out your posts crawling through your post, and that will send a sign or a signal to the algorithm that okay, people are spending a lot of time into this post. And I will show you how it will look at the end when you have all these designs ready. So they make it easy for you. Okay, So before starting the creation off these designs, I would love to show you one tool or one website that is going to help you if you don't have a color palette for your brand. One of the first apps to combine ready-made templates with animated text effects. So here it is, my photo and you finalize this design. We will go there, check them out and give you a feedback. You see, everything is working, everything is here. Teoh pay attention to the algorithm and the algorithm is also like checking off course that the value of your content and we measure that by watching how much time people spend watching your boast. So in this particular lecture, we are going to design an animated social media post to promote one of the products that we are selling in our online store. And now I also have one of my photos already here in combat, and I'm going to use it if you also have a professional taken photo. I'm going to already add an animation to this post. 13/5/2020 0 Comments ... Blogs and resources to help small businesses branding shine! Animated post to promote your Services on IG (2/2). So, like these we can enjoy. You can be creative, you can mix them up and you can come up with other source off animated post. Okay, uh, this is what I have. Of course, I refer to washing your hands because in this Corona time, you have to wash your hands or day long. 6. There's things going on in this post, and that will definitely catch people's attention. You just can't help it, now can you? So it's more clear people understand that this is a testimonial and going to move these iro so we like it is not, ah, like pointing at the air or the wall. This is kind of like a portfolio page or a page where you are going to give a little bit more off information about your service. The all caps into these text line or this text books so it will look something like this and to finalize. And the reason why we see this kind off gradient between orange and yellow is because behind there is a yellow background. Okay, so he faced grab a corner and start reducing canvas should start showing me the lines, the adjustment lines, you see, I can see here the purple line indicating me that this is actually the same size as the one here. Okay, maybe a little bit more here. So any off you can use this tutorial. And please, please, please. We don't need to be like, really ah, exact. And yeah, it would be easier to find you again, So let me go bigger and Also, I'm going to add a call to action here that says something like Save it for later so we can give people a hint on a lot they can do. So going to click on this can vies going toe open that in the editor for me. Did a wonderful job off getting rid of this background, as you can see here. It is right here, and I'm going to add the order, uh, later Green. And then I'm going to change the color to White because I think the hot pink is not really working here. I am t to see if you can find it easily. Then click here in done and download for the other pages. Okay. I provide tips on DIYing your Social Media using the Canva App. So this is something that you guys can look up to you. Let's make it, uh, forward. Adding one page. And I don't know, it wouldn't look as nice us, um, picturing in my head. The second way was using stickers. Okay, so I'm going to change that for my blue, and I'm going to change this great yet for my pepper. And also we have one ward that is changing, going to changed the setting here, and you can see here. It's a positions. So photo colors. One was using Canva’s animated social media design template. So I'm going to show you how we can do this. Between social media images, cards and postcards, and reports and presentations, this Canva alternative is a great option for anyone with a wide variety of visual design needs. Actually, we can see these, uh, animation in a more interactive way. So I'm going to use these funds going to position this text right here, and let's put them all caps Now. My name is Diana and I am a compass certified creative welcome to this lesson and welcome to our house. Choose from thousands of professionaly designed templates and customize in minutes. So forward. It has customized images, but does and video. ANIMATED PS & CANVA Amelie Social Media Pack (Square Post/IG Stories/Pinterest/Facebook) 112 TEMPLATES in TOTAL! But also, you can just go here to the previous page and copy thes element list. And here you will add your client's name or the brand name off this project. And OK, so I have my two elements in the corners off this page and let's use again one of these, um textbooks is going to baste it here, and I'm going to add a title. Canva is a powerful option when it comes to creating graphics and visuals because it is free & easy to use. So the idea here with this animation is for people to read, need a new landing page, and then we're going to curse out with this sticker the ward need. Okay. So the 1st 1 as you can see ah, we have some animations like, uh, around the page. The plan option. Okay, so let's go to the next. And the next step, or what I would love to do is to go back to the templates and I'm going to search by the free templates. Yeah, I also wanted to add that not all the social media platforms accept or take all these former four months that we are showing here on screen. So the wavy thing is not coming too much on top of it. Instead of creating a new textbooks and finding the right, um, phoned and size and everything, I just do they see way, copy and paste. Let's do it. These stickers. So I guess the brown we can change it. So what I'm going to do is to try to use one of these colors. So this will add more trust. Yes, we see a photo. Now they're grouped so I can bring them back here and actually be using the text where it needs to be. ;). He's one and based it. It's just that tiny beat. You think this one? Next. Yes, it does. And what I can do is some minor adjustments. From the canvas library that you like that has a nice background, but here you can see removed background background remover. So let's just make it smaller. Position it right here and then let me add here, send me a message at it's make these textbooks. So if I had this more vivid aqua color, for example, So for this, I'm just going to go grab my color picker again and tried to capture some of these colors. I think it is. So the squared aspect ratio, the one by one aspect ratio, you could totally use this post on instagram as well. If they like your content right. So it is easier than ever. Yeah, this is not a one size fit for in some platform might also like natively. Or you could add different kinds of formats that we have tried to sum up here on the slide that allow you to really get creative with your visual. Okay, So I'm going to search in the templates area, and I'm going to use something. Okay, so now to finalize thes less on Let's go here to this button, which is did download button, Let's go and select file type. Animated post to promote your Products on FB: Hey, guys, welcome back to the class and welcome to the first canvass lecture. I can click here on the background and see if can recognizes. Select from one of their many templates or build your own design, you can even 'remix' the layout with one click to try a different variation of fonts and colours with your content. You can go to this website and ah, you can remove the background of your forties right there. Designing this slide is that when you scroll or and you see static images and photos and all of a sudden you see a flower popping and the one we see here on screen or something underlining, then it catches your attention, which leads us to our next slide, which is grab attention. I moved it. I never knew how to pronounce this word. Yeah, lavender or peppermint? He is the head of communities. So let's go to create a new page. I can get rid of that. Of course, the dummy in colors are the black, the brown, the gray. So we have prepared a couple of slides here. So I'm just going to download it, and that's it. I'm going to type radiant, and I'm going Teoh, try to find this one. Okay? But we wanted to mention them. And when they see these little icons on Instagram, they will understand that they can save this post and contact you later if they wish. So once you have created your design and you are happy with it, you can just simply download as a video. Okay, so let me go up to the first page and select is two text boxes with shift holding shift and then right click copy, and it's go down here. So I'm going to go to my photos here. You arrived till the end of this class. And I think the element that I used afford these designed it. Yes, this is perfect. Photo from the photo cover photo library. I click on the page and I click here on the corner menu M paste here, my hex code. See, it has kind of like the same colors as my label ready my product label. So now I have this way everything. Where is it? Animated post to promote your Services on IG (2/2): Okay, So the next page that we are going to recreate is this one that we see here on the video. So about here. But Canada has some very beautiful templates on, So I wanted to start something a little bit different and start with using attempted. 1. I'm going to tape it here. Make your social graphics shine! Animated post to promote your Services on IG (1/2), 5. Easy animation Get access to 6,500+ animated templates and 3,400+ animated objects and create eye-catching visuals for your website, blog, or social media in just a few minutes. Okay, so now that we have these bunions page these extra page that I think it's going to be really, really important, and it's going to make the difference. We will be creating designs based on already-existing templates and regular pictures we took ourselves and using Canva from our computers, but you can also follow along with only your phone.Â, You will learn about every step of the creative process of both posts. And I'm going to do exactly the same. Maybe let me search by Polaroid to see if we find something interesting. See if we can add another animation to this post before exporting so you can use any of thes. They used up all the time and in everything that I can include a sticker. This one right here. So let's click here and know my background, the house 1/4. Or so that's another reason why it is good to add this movement to your post is that today social networks allow a variety of format, and a lot of them allow this movement like, for example, you can upload gifts or Gypsy. It's put up period there just to make it more to make it look for stylish. This is just one video, but we needed to pages in order to create these. How to create graphics quickly with Canva: Instead of creating your social media graphics from scratch, use Canva’s amazing library of templates, which you can use and customize — for free! Well, I get it. Canva is an affordable way to make graphics, flyers, documents and colorful content for your business. I'm going to duplicate this textbooks by holding the alky and dragging the text books. And actually, I think I would love to add another page to these carousel because we're missing something very, very important. Next. Let's say this aqua color here so you probably don't see it because it's slightly over the part of my screen that I'm recording. All right. And I think I also used these diamond on this page and next. After the two seconds we see the different. Why you should get things Moving: Hi, everybody. Taking my product, I would position the product might not be the final positioning of the product. Explore our extensive library Start your design projects with our millions of photos, illustrations, shapes, and icons. You called a picker. I love these diggers. Let me read it. I just clicked and it's copied. Another reason is that Facebook is automatically playing your videos in the newsfeed. I can use some nice Grady in colors. Actually, Can I move this? So let's add it here, and let's make it smaller like these. Oh, are they long? Eso you pick the one you prefer, but you can upload gifts on social networks like Facebook, for example, or you could add video. We some a little cute diamonds with me search or actually can go to elements. So I'm going to be using this instead of these ones. And that's why we have here for different animations or descends. There’s the animation that I just created once again, ready for me to upload to Instagram or to Facebook or whichever other social media platform that I can use animations with. Uh, this one is. Okay, so now the effect is ready and I'm going Teoh, move the handles a little bit. The title for my recent, uh, work. Step 3. 4. And let's do that. There are currently six different animation styles to choose from, rise, bounce, slide, block, 3D and fade. So this one, Let's see. But by default you will have these setting to non. Perfect. And as we mentioned before, you cannot upload like any kind of format on Instagram, you can only upload P and G's orgy epics like a static images and also a video video format like MP for in order for you to have these animated like movements or animations on instagram usually upload videos. I'm going to dig. So these are kind of like classic stickers. And for this project, we off course we love to have you creating your own animated social media polls. And now I'm going to take this element copy and paste it into the new pitch. What I have for you today I have this ah, animated post to promote my soap on social media Can use this on instagram IQ and uses on Facebook for sure. Copy and paste. You can preview it. I teach about Canva and everything related to visual marketing. And also, I would love people to be able to see my face here next to my emails. Now I'm going to be doing exactly the same for the lower part of my designs. But first, I'm going to lively up a little bit. I'm sorry. There’s a section in the library purely for social media graphics. And these four pages are going to be just one instagram post. Then I'm going to make kind of like a call to action for people to check out my portfolio on the next page. So these are the ones that I was looking for. And if you don't see here in the suggestions category or category Suggestions The animated social media post. It needs super simple To create the second page, we are going to record a video with our phone. This looks good. Step 4. I'm going to go back to the elements section. Okay, so the idea for these two pages is for for us to don't know them as one pitch like us. We are We have a gift. So for this, I'm going to be using a tool, which is a color picker. I love love, love these elements and I use them all the time. Just like we have demonstrated with the Instagram. Like we know want to be just one London post on instagram or Facebook that people just crawl at you. So this is pretty cool. Let me go even the earth and let's let's change, move the white square up and down. And then what I'm going to do is to trim this video. The objective of this class is to show you. So now we have the coolers, the exact corners that we have been using in the design. So you will add your personal email here. Not so, so huge. Some bit of information, actually, in social media like Facebook or instagram or any other platform you need. She creates online courses about different topics like Instagram marketing, photography, personal branding and Canva. And also I think I will remove the upper case. So now let's create the second pitch. Yep. You told me yesterday about the boomerang on instagram, so we'll get back to this. Not only for my social media posts or stories I use it, infact I am using it on my wordpress websites as well through Elementor. Okay, I have them both. So I'm just going to use want here and, uh, me crop it here and position it here. All apps mentioned are available for iPhone users and all screenshots are taken from an iPhone 6. Yeah, definitely. Seems a little bit crammed here in this box. So let me find this element. Fit the screen. You need to be careful because you see, ah, when I double clicked on these textbooks. You put a lot off energy and time into it. And I think I can select this hot being. So it's always good to see how it particular template is made. Be it any Facebook or Instagram newsfeed, your eyes go straight to that video, that hilarious GIF, or that sparkling sticker. But if you have come a pro, you can just do it here with one click. So let me search for it. Ronny Hermosa, My goal is to make YOU a better designer. Okay, so now I'm going to copy this page, and I'm going to delete this sticker here because this is going to be for the second page. And if you want, you can also check the other elements, the other animations and by clicking on them, you will see the animation appearing on the page for this example, I'm going to use the rise of animation. Anyone can do it, no design skills needed! With Canva’s Embed app, you can easily add and embed media to your design and ensure they will play without redirecting to another window. We're really happy to have you here. So copy and place it's okay. Yeah, next is the animated stickers. Let's go to elements and let's surge by against scree Bird. I guess this is the transparent Grady int. Actually, I think I didn't have my, ah, hot pink here on these color palettes, But let's try to make it here, so I'm going to new color and I'm going to replicate the hot pink that I used on my design previously. We want you actually people to stop when they see your image moving like you're animated post. Some were here. Right now, there are only six Canva GIF animations but that’s enough to get a feel for whether this will be worth it for you – have a muck about with them. With the date like the out of no 10th of April knowledge's just say than the month and the year and then here, you can use the name off the brand or the company that you worked for. Okay, so now I have this nice wavy thing going on. Copy this. Yes, uh, so basically, what we're trying to say here is that it is easier than ever to add movement to your post because social media platforms want you to have moving things in the news feed because they know that catches people's attention. So let's click on the background off these designs. Ah, and Leslie, this is a page where we're going to show people how to contact us. And here it is, the color. Canva can help you express ideas, unleash your creativity and achieve your goals. Yes. And, as usual, we are going to also have a project lesson at the end of this course, so you can create your own animated social media posts so you can promote your products or your services. From social media post, presentation, invitation, website banner, and so much more, we got it ready for you. Yeah. Oh, actually, I also need these order textbooks, so actually said, like, the three of them a copy and based them here. And now let's based it here on the second beach. She creates online courses about different topics like Instagram marketing, photography, personal branding and Canva. It's not actually because I need to reduce this textbooks. And here on these animate button, let's use the rise effect. Step 1: Create your design in Canva. And we hope to see you in the next list. We’ll go through all key Canva elements and teach you how to build eye-catchy moving designs (and we’ll also share a few out-of-the box tricks of our own).Â, a couple of features are for Canva Pro users only but we’ll give tips on how to use them even if you are a Canva Free user. I'm just going to be pointing at her face, and it's changed these for one of the phones that we were already using in this design to keep consistency across all the pages in this carousel. Looking for mobile apps to help? Create Animated Stories for FB & IG with Canva, Canva for Android | Create with Canva on your Phone, We’d like you to create your own animated social post:Â, 1. Usually you can find that in this carousel on the top section where it says create a design or if you type animated social media in the search bar, it … So, uh, actually, I saw one off the templates right here. The level is determined by a majority opinion of students who have reviewed this class. So that is a can of a pro feature. Do it on effects to my photo. Okay, so of course it has a background. Okay. Okay? This photo going to adjust the brightness and the contrast off that product Okay, so I have a Maura brighter. And I'm going to start by searching for animated social media post. And let's add, in this case, we cannot The date, Let's say April 2020. I don't really like the position of this text box right here, so I'm going to try to move it for this. It's only visual because your brain really recognizes in assimilate visuals way faster than words. So what I'm doing is the changing here, the hue and just playing around with this caller picker.

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